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Privacy Notice

We and the surgery require you to enter your name, date of birth, telephone number to accurately identify you. (Please ensure the details you enter are the details currently held by the surgery)

We also ask you to enter your e-mail address.

This page explains how we handle that information, and the implications of either entering or not entering your e-mail address.

We respect and protect your confidentiality and privacy. This system does not store any information about you. It merely forwards by e-mail to Knights Pharmacy and the surgery, your medication request, other details that you have selected and any identifying details about yourself you enter.

If you enter your e-mail address, your prescription request will be confirmed by an e-mail.

If you use a shared computer or e-mail address and you do not want others to know that you have made a prescription request etc. then do not enter your email address.

E-mail to the surgery / Knights Pharmacy confirming your prescription carries your e-mail address as the sender. If this fails to be delivered to Knights Pharmacy or the surgery for any reason then you may receive the "bounce" notice from the mailserver. Unfortunately bounce messages from mailservers are rather brief and cryptic, but at least you will be made aware that something has gone wrong.

In the case of prescription orders which "bounce" you may either re-order online or request a prescription in the usual way (not by phone please).

Note that this arrangement is simply a failsafe in case of lost e-mails - in normal operation we and the surgery shall receive an e-mail confirming your prescription.

You should also be aware that if you use a web browser that has an "autocomplete" facility then this may reveal to another person that you have used the system, since if they enter the first letters of your name then the browser may prompt them with your full name. If this is a concern for you then please do not use this system but request a prescription in the usual way.

When using this online system please be aware of the points above.

If you do not accept them at all then do not use the system.

If you are happy with them apart from e-mail confirmation then do not enter your email address.

If you prefer to receive an e-mail confirmation and/or to have the failsafe of having Knights Pharmacy and the surgery e-mail returned to you in case of delivery failure, and you are not concerned by the points above, then please enter your e-mail address when requested.

Please note that you can only order your repeat prescriptions through this website.

To make a doctor's appointment, please click on 'useful links' tab on our Home Page then click on your Doctor's Surgerys 'Web Link'.